For those of you that are new to my website, or haven’t had a shoot with me yet, allow me to take a minute to introduce myself as the face behind the camera…
I am Katy; Photographer, nature-lover, graphic designer and dachshund-mum. I’m usually found dressed head-to-toe in all-weather gear (with the obligatory pockets full of dog treats), covered in a light smattering of dog hairs and slobber, and lying on my belly on a soggy hillside attempting to get the elusive ‘perfect shot’ 
I’m never more content than when I’m in the great outdoors, experiencing the full brunt of Yorkshire’s weather, with a faithful four-legged friend at my side and a camera slung over my shoulder.
I fall in love with every single dog I meet, and nothing makes me happier than taking the photo which perfectly captures the beauty and specific characteristics that makes each one utterly unique and special. I used to foolishly believe that no dog could be as wonderful as my own one, but now I work with them regularly I’m humbled to realise that *every single one* is special, and we are privileged to have these great creatures in our lives.
Dogs and Photography have always been my two passions in life, and it has always been a waiting game to find a point where I was able to successfully combine the two into a dream job. 
With twenty plus years in the Design industry I've spent a lifetime working with other people's images: orchestrating photoshoots, retouching photographs, sourcing images and giving instructions to other photographers on how to create my vision. This has given me an enormous grounding, and developed my eye for creativity and how to get the perfect shot. 
I'm currently studying with the British Academy of Photography for my Photography Degree, and have completed a year long apprenticeship with an international photographer learning everything I can about studio lighting/photographic practices and post-production editing (its a lifetimes work - there will always be something new to learn!). 
I have also completed a one-to-one course in Outdoor Canine Portraiture with one of the UK's top Animal Photographers, and am constantly updating and improving my skills with online tutorials and courses relevant to my specific areas of photography.
As well as all this hands-on technical learning to get the best out of my camera, I have also completed an online Dog Behaviour Diploma to ensure I can always get the very best out of my canine models with a stress-free shoot. I strive to make sure your dog is handsomely rewarded with treats, tummy tickles, and a good few games of fetch between shots to ensure they have as much fun as we do! 
After a shoot, all of your photos will be edited to an impeccable standard - which is where the real skill, and over twenty years of graphic design experience comes in to play. Digital editing and enhancement will see me do everything from remove leads and/or collars and tags where required, erase any flecks of dirt from a dogs body, remove tearstaining on light coloured dogs, mask reflected colour casts on black dogs, and tidy up a scene by removing individual leaves/stones/distracting features from an otherwise perfect shot. I can also add more than one dog into the same scene if they are photographed separately, or adjust the lighting - or even change the season and turn a sunny spring shoot into an autumn toned image if it suits the dogs colouring better. It is this attention to detail that will take my pictures to another level, and make them stand out from the rest. 
I think my images speak for themselves, and I am confident I can offer you a unique and beautiful set of pictures of your beloved pet that will be a treasured memory for years to come. 
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