One of the most common things I hear from potential customers is how much they would love to do a shoot, but 'their dog would never behave long enough to sit still and pose like that for my camera'.
I can (and have!) worked with dogs of all ages, and of every temperament, from wriggly weeks-old puppies who can't stay still for a second, to deaf and blind dogs who cant take voice commands and signals - and in every single case I have managed to capture an image that has utterly charmed and delighted their owners. 
When conducting a shoot, the majority of the time dogs are actually kept on a lead, which is then digitally removed in the post-production process. This allows us to carefully position the dog exactly where we would like, and make sure that they are safe (and under control) at all times. 
And in the case of images with multiple dogs, I also have the option to photograph each dog individually, and then place them seamlessly back together in the editing process afterwards. This allows me to keep the sessions fun and engaging for the dogs, and avoid stressing them - and their owners - by trying to get everyone in the same position, and facing the same direction, for more than a single moment!
However sometimes it is nicer to just work with, rather than against, the character of a naturally bouncy and lively dog - so I would look to create a natural action shot of them jumping over a log, or running at full tilt in an open field, if that is what they do best! 
The premise of my photoshoots are ALWAYS to capture the individual and unique personality of the specific dog I'm working with, in an environment and situation that makes them feel totally relaxed and happy.
The authenticity of that dog portrait is what will make the image resonate with its owner. 
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